Welcome to Mithrandir website. This is a new project that I started with my love for Lord of the rings, and for my experimental knowledge for blockchain technology.

For now I just wanna spread the coin to members who like it, and of course like to chill and talk about Lotr. And if people in some mysterious way find a value in this coin, its a great bonus for all of us. I really doesn’t care and have any real plans to do much PR and stuff do “hype” this coins to reach the moon.

You could buy it on Muesliswap: (Not verified yet on muesli)

Small pool up at mineswap:

Token Details:

Token is also registered at token registry: (scroll to closed pulls)

CURRENT SUPPLY : 1,000,000

Why just 1m? Most token often use several billions, and of course I could find the argument for that, most successful memes seems to have that. The downside is some difficulties with price range at dexes, your really don’t see the price, and its quite annoying to manage all the big numbers when trading. Milk and Pavia seems to be successful with quite low amount, even if they have utility of course.